Flowing beneath the conspicuous

Reiston Dsouza, Dylan Monterio

Sounds are a perpetual and dynamic property of our environment. The soundscape composition "Anthropocene" is an auditory experience that is designed for the audience to increase their awareness and knowledge of the sound environment of the world we live in, emphasizing the ecological characteristics of sounds and their spatial-temporal patterns as they emerge from our sonic environments. The cohabitation of all living organisms and their lives will be focused upon through sound. The soundscape was composed of the recordings that took place in various parts of Germany such as Darmstadt, Dieburg, Bochum, Aachen, and Herne while focusing on the sonic environments. The composition signifies a protest of the dangers of modern society and the need for reconsideration of our way of living, restoration, and preservation of our natural human culture.

    June 15, 2022

    This was interesting, especially after having listened to Crossroads earlier. It had kind of the opposite effect. Whereas Crossroads' soundscape pulled me in, distracting me from the sounds outside the headset, this one consisted of the kinds of sounds I'd usually hear outside my headphones when taking a walk. As a result the varied but familiar sounds made me pay more attention to the background noise from outside the headset and the technical/human(?) noises from the exhibition in the background kind of clashed but in some cases also almost harmonised. It was an experience.


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